To Make a Character

Should I create a character on Unity? Can I? Or should I import from Blender or Maya?
P.S. Was the character on AngryBots made in Unity or imported to unity?

*RTFM* x)

many of the models that you will see in a Unity game have been imported from a 3D modeling utility (like Maya, 3DS Max, or Blender) the specific tool is not the point. then a model (usually .fbx, but other types might be supported), and then imported into Unity either by going to import, or drag, and drop.

Yes Unity does have rudimentary modelling capabilities, but they still lack functionality that you would find in most modeling software (extrusion, vertex manipulation).

the most direct answer is: most every model you see in a game (not every, but a very high percentage there of) were made in a 3D modeling tool, and imported."

Thanks guys! Your answers helped a lot.