To make a games like Spyro

hi. i want to ask something… how to make a games like spyro 3 year of the dragon (you know that the old famous ps1 games. if you don’t know 1 or Wikipedia )
i just want the script to make a portal open when you have 10 eggs. and when it was opened and i walk closely to the portal, then the level name appear. (the level name would be great if spinning left and right) i just need that script or if you’re a genius, maybe you can give me all the script pack! LOL XD
thanks for your responses. i appreciate that! :smiley:

well, it can be done different way. In my opinion, u should write if u find 10 egg, instantiate the portal at a specific point. Then make the GUI enable to make it renderable. For the spinning part, the make the script or animation for the GUI. ( For the spinning part m not so sure cuz i have never tried to make it spin b4. )