To use or not to use script execution order

I’m just wondering if this feature is widely used by the pro devs. I mean, is this really what we should use to make sure a script is executed first before the other or should I just make function calls/init functions then call then manually when certain conditions are met.

I have this object pooling class. And I have to make sure that all the objects are created first before I get something on the pool. It returns an error(bec some of my script runs first before this object pool class) unless I use this Script Execution order thing. In as3 we have this document class where you control the order of the class to be executed. Is this feature the equivalent of that in unity, what about in C#(outside unity) where I’m not sure if this feature is available how would you normally control code execution order?

I’ll also appreciate suggestions for a more robust way of script execution order.

If it solves your problem then use it, but in almost all cases it can be solved better by smart use of the Awake and Start functions. If that is not possible then using a manager to initialize the objects in the correct order works as well.

In your situation you should probably create all the objects in the pooling manager Awake function and not use it until the Start function of any the object that wants to use the pooling manager.