To what limit can Unity scale?

If I put a simulation made in Unity onto something like Amazon Elastic Compute–where it would have basically limitless processing power and memory–can I make a simulation of this scale?

Doesn’t implementing ECS make this possible, bringing better performance and potential concurrency to Unity programs?

There is nothing truly limitless, even if your budget is somehow limitless. you will face different kind of bottle nexk here and there.

We don’t use Unity for the server side. it can do something called batchmode, which ignore player input and graphic so that it works like server. But Unity it’s really not designed for server, and this method is only good for saving time when working on small project or prototype. People usually use Photon to develop online feature in Unity game. But the game in your reference is quite cutting edge. you better have a specific physical server and program in C++.

However, if you are asking a question like this, i guess you should scale down your idea.