Toggle image effects

Is there a way to toggle image effects of a Main Camera? I want to make it so that in my game there is an explosion and when this is triggered, some of the image effects on the Main Camera are disabled. Also I may wish to enable different image effects. How can this be done?

If you know the type of image effect you want to manipulate, you could enable/disable the effect. For example: If I want to disable a Color Correction image effect:

Camera.mainCamera.GetComponent<ColorCorrectionCurves>().enabled = false;

I get the effect from the main camera and disable it.

wouldnt it just be:

var gameObject : GameObject;
var effect_script : SCRIPT_NAME_HERE;
if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.E)) {
     //Or you could assign this to a trigger.
     gameObject.GetComponent(effect_script).enabled = false;

I believe so.