Toggles Cont'd

My first Toggles post was getting a little messy so wanted to repost with the code. My first two problems have largely been corrected, however I’m still having two problems:

  1. I’m still having trouble setting it up so clicking on movement subtype changes the style of the move icon itself. I want to show which movement type is active by changing the appearance of the move button.

  2. It’s still possible to de-select a toggle that’s been selected by clicking itself. I want to make it so that a toggle can only be deselected by clicking a different toggle.

Here is the relevant parts of my code so far:

function OnGUI()
{ = VacantSkin;
//Toggles Move
	toggleMove = GUI.Toggle (Rect (140,49,18,57), toggleMove, "", "WalkIcon");
		if (toggleMove && (action_state != "move"))
  			toggleMove = setMeOnly();
  			action_state = "move";
//Toggles Walk
		toggleWalk = GUI.Toggle (Rect (145,18,11,28), toggleWalk, "", "WalkButton");
			if (toggleWalk && (move_state != "walk"))
  				toggleWalk = setMeOnly();
  				move_state = "walk";
  				toggleMove = true;
//Toggles Run
		toggleRun = GUI.Toggle (Rect (181,38,19,28), toggleRun, "", "RunButton");
			if (toggleRun && (move_state != "run"))
  				toggleRun = setMeOnly();
  				move_state = "run";
  				toggleMove = true;
//Toggles Stealth
		toggleStealth = GUI.Toggle (Rect (101,38,19,28), toggleStealth, "", "StealthButton");
			if (toggleStealth && (move_state != "stealth"))
  				toggleStealth = setMeOnly();
  				move_state = "stealth";
  				toggleMove = true;
//Toggles Interact
	toggleInteract = GUI.Toggle (Rect (217,111,46,60), toggleInteract, "", "Interact");
		if (toggleInteract && (action_state != "interact"))
  			toggleInteract = setMeOnly();
  			action_state = "interact";

For the first one, have a variable for ‘style’ and set the GUIStyle to whatever you need when clicking the button. That style to be used by the selected sub thing or whatnot.

For the second one, google ‘unity radio button’ or search in the box in the upper-right for ‘radio buttons’ or look here at GUILayout.SelectionGrid