Toggles ToggleGroups highlighting problem.

Case #1

A togglegroup with 3 toggles. Using normal and highlighted background images to show .isOn state of toggles. (Not using checkbox).
When I click each toggle the toggles behave as expected with .isOn toggle showing highlighted color.
However, this only happens after the first click and I need to show the correct colors for toggle states at Start.

I have tried:
Turning toggle on using .isOn = true at start. =No effect.
Using .Select() this works with ‘one’ toggle group, which brings me to:

Case #2
With two toggle groups, despite the .isOn state for each separate toggle group assigned correctly on clicking, only one toggle in the scene has a highlight color.

I have tried not using .Select() , but still get the same result.

I can’t find this addressed anywhere on forums, so any ideas gratefully received, thanks

I just found your post here, and I wish someone had replied! Did you ever find a solution? I’m having the same issue now (needing the toggle to be selected on Start)

Edit: In case someone finds this in the future, I found this thread that goes more into depth on how the toggles work:

It seems many choose to make a custom script to override the standard toggle-behaviour (it will deselect when you press anywhere else, and therefore deselect when you press in another toggle-group as it counts as “outside”). I think I will choose a solution where I’ll code my own custom button-behaviour like some in that thread suggest.