Tone down physics/collisions


I am creating a space game involving high-speed fighters, etc. Things are going well, but I do have one slightly annoying issue regarding colliding objects.

The physics that take effect upon a small fighter colliding with, say a large asteroid, are ridiculously unbelievable. Instead of hitting an object, and having my small fighter flying in uncontrollable circles, i’d like the ‘impact’ to be fairly light (e.g: bounce back a few feet and slow to a stop). This is regardless of how fast the object(s) moved (e.g: the impact bounce-back ought to be pretty much the same).

I’ve experimented with ‘mass’ of the objects (via the rigidbody options), but this doesn’t seem to have the effect I expected.

Any ideas would be welcomed, thanks.

You should have a rigidbody component attached to the small fighter and a rigidbody attached to the asteroid. In your inspector go to the rigidbody attached to the small fighter and increase the drag and angular drag until you get the desired effect. You can also make the mass of the asteroid and the small fighter proportional to each other for a more realistic effect.

Ex. Asteroids mass: 100, small fighter mass: 12

Interesting - I thought the Unity instructions for rigidBody said you could only use mass values between 0 and 10.

Either way,implementing the drag you spoke of seems to have resolved my issue (now its just a matter of trial and error).

Thank you much