Tons of colored spots after Unity URP Light Bake Bug

First of all, I am new to baking lights in Unity. I am having this issue where whenever I try to bake my lights, I get all these colored spots over everything. There is a pic included of it. Then, I can get rid of them by hitting auto generate lighting for a second, then canceling it. It seems in the beginning of the light bake process, the spots go away. Then whenever I press play after it looks good again, the spots come back. It almost seems like an extra thing that should be deleted at the end of baking is staying. I am using Unity 2022.3 LTS and URP. I also have a pic of my light baking settings too. All the necessary objects are obviously marked baked and static and everything.
Scene after baking with spots:

Normal Scene with no spots, after starting auto generate lighting for a split second:

My lighting settings in the lighting window:

Thank you for looking into this and helping out.
-Caleb R.