Too many levels

So i thought about making a mobile game and so far i developed the core mechanics for the game but a question still lingers in my mind:

Can too many levels impact performance on a mobile device?

The main ideea being : 3-4 stages each with 10 different levels to complete so about 30 to 40 levels to play
all held offline on the phone memory.

If it affects performance then how many levels can i make so that it runs smoothly all around?

The only thing more levels should affect is the install size (and I suppose how long it takes you to make the game). Otherwise the only level that should be loaded in memory is the one being played, with the next one loaded in when it comes time (and unloading the complete level).

If you are thinking of having an extensive number of levels, then I strongly suggest looking at Unity's Addressables system.


Well now knowing that i can think of a direction my game can take! Thank you!