Too many triangles after a prefab spawn.

Hi, I have this scene and Unity tells me its 23K triangles big.
Then i have this spawn point to spawn some balls (each ball is 168 tris).
Thing is, the moment it spawns a ball the scene triangles go up by almost 20K tris per ball spawn! Before i exported the ball, i made sure that i deleted the history like every other model i did.

You can get around 3-4 balls on screen at a time so the scene triangle count goes up to 80K and that just kills a Tegra2 tablet. (But a snapdragon phone with about the same res is fine :P)

Anyone has any ideas?

you should load up a copy of the scene or something. The issue is it’s obvious that the object for some reason isn’t 168 tri’s but why isn’t obvious. Check the mesh in unity maybe?

I’d have to actually be able to see it in editor to figure out if spawning is actually spawning hundreds of them or if the model is screwed up or what

I think i found it. The ball prefab has a projector attached for a fake shadow.
I wasn’t aware that the projector covers the whole scene with a texture, wasn’t fully aware of how it works.
I disabled it just a few minutes ago and the scene only gets bigger by 168 tris with each ball spawn.
I did think that it was spawning like crazy or something with the polys, but i was looking at the editor while running the preview and everything looked fine until it spawned a ball.

Thanks for your time, now i have to figure out a solution for fake shadows.