Too much lag in the game

Hey guys. I'm having a big problem with the game I'm creating. Whenever I run it on unity it lags everywhere. Fps drops to 9 and it becomes almost impossible to play. I tried to build it but the problem persists. I don't know where the problem is. However, I believe it is something to do with programming. I assume it isn't due to my computer since it is brandnew. I also have been using a lot of fbx files because I've been working on the design only.

I would be very glad if you could help me with some tips or anything else that could help.


Its probably something in your scene... Do you have lots of trees and grass? highPoly models?

All these things can contribute to framerate problems...

if you have lots of objects in your scene try using occulision culling, that might help.

Yes, that is true. I have a lot of trees, grass and some houses. Then, how can I solve it? I cannot remove any of these things...

I'll try what slkjdfv said, although I have never used that before.

Thanks both of you. I'll wait for more answers.

EDIT: I realised that occulision culling is an unity pro feature. However, I'm using the free version. So I'm afraid that is not an option for me ...

Hi Pedro,

Different OnGUI functions are also a big performace killer, even when they are emty!

I had a Scene with 4 OnGUI functions, in a simple Prototype(nearly stats like yours). The framerate was not good, after removing 3 ONGUI functions the game was playable even on lowEnd Notebooks.

What are your computer specs? If lag is really bad try making some items low poly such as background models. Or trees you never get close to in the game.