too much recursion WWW firefox

Hi, I have an issue with firefox and webgl. When download an asset bundle in firefox, I get an exception : too much recursion. I’ve seen there was a similar issue before at

but it is really old.

So here is a sample of my code :

Debug.Log("Before loading");
			WWW www = WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload(URL, version);
			yield return www;
			Debug.Log("After loading");

The log before loading shows up, and the one After loading doesn’t. My code works perfectly fine in Chrome though. Any suggestion?

I tried to comment out part of my code, and to modify the yield part to add a delay before checking it again, but with the same result. The problem seems to be with the yield return www line. If I just start the LoadFromCacheOrDownload but never do anything after, it doesn’t crash.

This seems to be happening only in a facebook canvas, when I run my game outside of it, my download works just fine.

Hi, this is happening when you have an iframe inside of other iframe, with only one it works good for me.