Tools for Unity Visual Studio 2019

I’ve recently switched to the Visual Studio 2019 (previously 2017) along with Unity 2019.1.3f1 (previously ~2019.1.0 something), with new Tools for Unity in Visual Studio and I have stumbled upon a problem.

When I am debugging, I can’t see the variable from my Singleton class (e.g., GameManager.Instance.Var, Instance is public static). If I try to see it through Immediate Window it gives me this:

The identifier 'GameManager' is not in the scope

Hovering over any part of it (GameManager, Instance, Var) doesn’t give any info at all, CodeLens is not working with it.

It sucks, because now I can’t debug properly, only Debug.Log lol…

Help! What can I do? It seems that I can’t find any similar issues.

Here’s a pic of my settings for Tools for Unity:

alt text

Often in these cases, fully declaring the namespace of the object will allow you to access it. As far as I’m aware, it’s a bug, and the workaround is to fully declare the namespace.