Toon and fun Shader or texture

Hi guys i am creating my own game which will be some sort of fun with a funny and toon like envirment but it is not becoming like that ?!?!
This is what the game looks like
alt text

But i want it to look more fun i have used mobile material for it but it’s still so boring!!
i want it to be some thing like Subway Surfers game who won the unity awards!
Where is the problem from textures or shader may handle all this problems!!

The simple way: get back to gimp (if you are poor) or photoshop (if you are not poor) to make flashy textures.

They even have ready to use algorithms to create toon effect.

You need to use some more primitive color, think kidly (is that a word?) for your drawing. You have brown and grey colors there more likely a Left for dead ambiance than Disney channel.