Toon/Cel Shading with Orthographic Camera

Pretty simple question... the Toon Shader (aka Cel Shading) doesn't work with an Orthographic camera... is there some shader that does? I'm really not versed in creating shaders myself, so I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.

In case anyone still wants this, I just figured it out tonight, current with Unity 3.5

In the shader, find the line:

o.pos.xy += offset * o.pos.z * _Outline;

It should be line 33 or so in the Basic Outline shader. Take out “o.pos.z”. It should read:

o.pos.xy += offset * _Outline;

This disables the “thicker with distance” feature of the outlines, but allows the shader to work with the ortho camera.

I just decided to use a LineRenderer as the border for the object. This actually turned out looking better than I thought it would, plus I still have control over color and thickness, and I can even texture the border if I want to.

@Spikex How did you add a border to an object? I've been playing around with LineRenderer but can't see how this is done.

many thanks