Top down 2d big terrain

Hi guys,

my friends and I are currently working on a top down 2d game in Unity using Unity’s 2d features (straight top down, not isometric), here’s a screenshot :


and while prototyping the scene in Unity by placing the objects (rocks, plants etc) directly in the scene for prototyping purposes seemed fine, now we’ve reached a place where we want to figure out how to implement handling of a huge terrain.

My question is - is it a good practice to do it this way - model the whole map as one huge scene and place the Sprites or prefabs made of bunch of Sprites on the scene one by one or is there a better way ?
The problems I see here are :
-potential perfomance issues - huge number of objects to be in the hierarchy
-pathfinding - most of the things we put should be un-walkable like plants, rocks, the river etc. and I’m affraid that might be an issue too.

Any thoughts ?

Hey there,

Take a look at Application.LoadLevelAdditiveAsync

It allows you to load levels additively without lag.
Though I think Asynch is pro only. But theres also Unity - Scripting API: Application.LoadLevelAdditive

So you can split your level into multiple scenes.

@Kobusvdwalt, Even on this issue, specifically bout the answer … anyone know explain what has more performance? And what time is more advisable to use? I develop for Android.