Top down house Help


I’m planning on making a sort of top down game. I’m wondering about one thing.

As you can see on the image bellow, you are in a house and there’s a black background around it.
My question is, how do you make a house that you can walk in to and then that black background appears. Do you need to have a new scene or what’s the best idea to do here? I already have a script that can teleport you to one location to another, and if I use that to teleport the character to a house, I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to have a black background around the room.

Does anyone understand and knows how to do that?

First off, epic moustache on that character there.

Create and set the appropriate layers for the game objects you want to display then just set the camera culling mask to cull everything else when you enter the house. And set the camera backgroundColor to black.

If you’re not to sure on layers:

Do like everything else, renderers and colliders. The black area is simple a big mesh with a hole using an black texture that stay between camera and the objects.