Top of Inspector is broken

I expanded the right most tab while working in the tile palette and when I clicked back onto the Inspector it looked like this.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I could at least turn GameObjects on and off. It looks like this for every GameObject, including prefabs. I’ve tried closing Unity, reverting layout to factory settings, and restarting my computer. Unsure if the problem will consist if I open it on another computer.

I found the fix. It’s all because of script called TileWindow.cs. It was located in the main Assets folder and came with the official extra features package for Tile Palettes.

Simply deleting the file solves the problem. I use a few of the extra features for Tile Palettes and as far as I can tell, TileWindow.cs doesn’t seem to actually do anything.

If you don’t have TileWindow.cs or if deleting it doesn’t solve the problem, there’s some more info here.