Top View Hack'n'Slay Movement - Transform or Physics?


I just want to start with my first project. I want t ocreate a mobile game. It’s an hack’n’slay. The playingarea is fixed to the screen. You are a player moving around. You will have several waves of enemies entering the playing area. You are supposed to kill the enemies. You will play the game from the top view.

I don’t want to do 2D but 3D. Probably, at some time you’ll have quite a few enemies around you, I guess 30-40. (Really can’t tell atm).

I know that 2D would give better performances. You can also give me hints about this, maybe just fake the 3D or something. Give me any keywords for that.

The main question is, how to do the movment. Should I use addForce()/Physics or transformation? How about collision?

I want the Player to move only if I press a Key.

Of course I’ve played around and read some stuff, but I want to heare some experience.

What are the pro and cons of each approach?


in my opinion, if you choose 3D then top view i just a camera point of view.
so take a look at this tutorial set and have your answer for “how to” and probably also “best practices” parts.

from there, just adjust the camera view. :slight_smile:

hope it’s help!