TOPDOWN 2D 8 direction sprites vs 1 direction with rotation

As the title suggests,

I don’t understand why is it any better for a top down game to have 8 directions of sprites for a character and then blending between them, when u can just have one direction and simply rotate the sprite in the direction it’s heading?

Also for my specific example, It’s an enemy AI that’s moving, not player controlled and it needs to move in 360 degrees smoothly, the 8 direction thing wouldnt work right?
In fact i have one player controlled turret, rotating towards mouse clicks, and it’s just one sprite that rotates, and it looks perfectly fine and obviously smooth.


There is absolutely no difference between using 8 textures that are just the one rotated and using just one and rotating it. However in some cases you want different textures for when something is looking the other way, mostly to give a sort of pseudo-3d effect.

The disadvantage with using 8 instead of 1 is obviously memory. But that shouldn’t be a problem in this day and age :wink:

Hope this helps,