Torch, Particles & Ladder

Oh hello again, I am very intrested in 3 things that I, personally, didn’t understand.

  1. How is it possible to make a torch without reducing fps to 10( I mean that the flame particles form unity standard assets are making a lot of lag and give the game a lot to porcess)
  2. How am I able to make a smoke bomb that will smoothly cover a destroy gameobject command ?
  3. I have seen the questions asked before about the ladder and I didn’t like that you have to change the slope and sliding. In games like CoD or Crysis etc… when you have a ladder you just press a button and from then you are attached to the ladder and have two possibilities - Go up ( if reach end of the ladder get up) and Go down(if reach the bottom of the ladder get on the ground). Also it is possible to remain on the ladder if you are not pressing any vertical buttons.

Thank you for further help.

  1. If your particle system is causing noticeable lag, you either have WAY too many particles or WAY too old a machine. Grab the Detonator pack from the Asset store or Unity web site (Resources) and see how they do things.
  2. I’m not sure I understand, but if you mean, how can you cover an object in smoke, consider using a MeshEmitter (legacy particles) using the same mesh as the destroyed object as the emitter.
  3. This ladder thing is a bigger issue and should be in a different question.