Total Message Bytes Queued?

Hey guys,

I have been working on a networked game for a while now, everything is working fine, but when I run the game in the Editor I can see that in the stats window the "Total Message Bytes Queued" just keeps rising throughout the whole game. As far as I can tell it has no effect on the game play the characters still run around smoothly the bullets fire and hit stuff, and so on.

My question is what would make the "Total Message Bytes Queued" continue to rise, and is that a bad thing, and how can I fix it?

Its a running counter of your network traffic from time 0. I think there is a total and current queued. However, if your currently queued messages are going up and up you are queueing more than is being dispatched. You can go to edit -> network settings and change how often the networking sends messages. I think the default is 15? Which is 15 messages per second.

My FPS used 45

Don’t know about unity itself, but unity uses RakNet. RakNet has a send rate which means that messages (not RPCs, all messages that most likely include RPCs and NetView state serialization, instantiations, everythin) are being buffered and sent as a single lower level message. If the buffer is too big, it can be sent earlier, but otherwise RakNet waits until timeout and sends messages buffered so far. The effects are that there is less overhead( multiple messages packed to single packet) but it adds a little delay.
So it’s not 15 messages / second but rather 15 packets / second, provided there is always a message to be sent and there is not too many