Totally new noob to mecanim and unity itself - Trigger animation?

Hi, currently I’m trying to achieve this:

When my character goes through the door, a woman turns to him and starts talking and also moving towards him, but i just can’t find any tutorials on how to do that. I already have made the animations all i need is to apply them…

You can use SetTrigger in the Animator component to fire triggers in your AnimationController. You’ll have to get a reference to the component first with GetComponent() then send SetTrigger commands to it.

For the movement/etc you’ll setup trigger zones and use OnTriggerEnter or use Coroutines in conjunction with WaitForSeconds to choreograph the timing of the cutscene but that all depends a lot on how your animations are setup.

To make the character move you’ll have to turn the character, probably using LookAt and then using the animation to move the character with Root Motion. If you’re not using root motion (using in-place animations) you’ll have to translate the character’s position manually using Translate or MovePosition (Rigidbody only).