Touch command for GUIText on Android? OnMouseDown() for Android?

I’ve read all the documentation and as many answers as I can find and I haven’t found the answer that works. I’m looking for the Android mobile command for OnMouseDown()(in Javascript). My first page menu has GUIText that says “Play” “Restart” Quit " etc… and I’ve used the OnMouseDown() function. Does anybody know how to convert this to an Input.GetTouch function or what ever the converted code is for OnMouseDown() when using an Android mobile phone? What is the correct command function? thanx

Here’s one of my scripts

var normalTex : Texture2D;
var hoverTex : Texture2D;

function OnMouseEnter() {
   guiTexture.texture = hoverTex;


function OnMouseExit(){
  guiTexture.texture = normalTex;


 function OnMouseDown(){
Time.timeScale = 1;


Consider using a GUI.Button instead of GUIText, as it will respond just fine to touches on Android. If you need to touch 3D objects, you need to cast a ray from the screen point into the scene and check for it hitting things. I use this instead of mousedown for everything as it ports to mobile better. Example here: