Touch input firing twice on ios

I recently made a simple game for windows phone that has a menu scene that you can touch anywhere to activate the game and subsequently loads my game scene. In the game scene you can then tap to manipulate an object. When I run this on a windows phone or in Unity it works correctly. I’ve since ported my game to ios, again the interactions work perfectly in Unity itself. However on an actual device, if I touch the menu, it loads the gameScene, but it also seems to fire off a touch event straight away and moves the player object which is incorrect.

I’m currently using

 if (Input.GetButtonUp ("Fire1"))

on the menu screen and the game scene to handle the input.Should I change this to one of the “touches” methods?

Why don’t you just use Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) to handle the touch? It works on desktop as well as with touch screens.

I agree with taras, use getbuttondown. That way you can use it on pc also for testing.