Touch Move character

Hi everyone! I’m noob in Unity. Can somebody help me pls? So. I have 2 or more characters on the board 9x12 cells. If I touch character, cells near him (left,right,back,back left,back right, front, front left, front right) must change color and activated. Then if I touch some of the activated cell, character must run with running animation to touched cell. If I touch not activated cell, character must stay on his position. If character 2 stay on cell near character 1 and I touch character 1, cells near character 1 must activated and change color, except cell on witch stay character 2.
My English is poor, and this must be show what I want. Grid Based Movement Thingy - YouTube

You can set a Raycast leaving from the cursor position to the “Square” and check if it is in players range and then if it is you can setup a NavMesh to move the player there when you click it