Touch movement differs on iOS/Andr.

Hey! Quick question here…hopefully

Unity - Scripting API: Input.GetTouch

I’m currently using the first example script in the docs to move a platform back and forth on the X plane (restricting it’s movements to just sideways and also clamping it).

The problem I’m having with that script is that the speed integer has to be changed depending on platform and on Android, even on hardware!
So right now I have a #IF IPHONE that reduces the speed integer from my current Android standard of 3 to 1.
But I’ve noticed that 3 is even too fast on later android devices, such as the galaxy 4.

Is there a better way to move the playform around?
Maybe track the exact finger position rather than letting the player basically swipe across the screen? (I kind of like that though…)

Do I have to have a ton of #IF IPHONE #IF ANDROID but not all ANDROID
stuff going on?


if(Screen.width < 1920){
speed = 1;

that’ll do for now
(< and the width will be set later, just used that as a test for now)