TouchScreenKeyboard for Metro Apps


While trying to make a build for Windows 8 store application (metro app)
i was getting an error

error CS0103: The name 'TouchScreenKeyboard' does not exist in the current context

I want to know, what are the alternatives for the same in Metro apps? Is there a way to show OnScreenKeyboard on demand from the application?


I realize this probably comes late for you, but Unity 4.5 now supports using the TouchScreenKeyboard in Windows Store Apps (Metro), even if with some quirks.

You have to do = true after calling keyboard = TouchScreenKeyboard.Open(...), which doesn’t seem to be required on other platforms. Furthermore, you must rely on Input.inputString to get every character written this frame, as keyboard.text is useless in Metro.

I’ve also written a more extensive question & answer regarding the use of the touch keyboard in Windows Store Apps, for you or anyone else looking for this.