tough syntax ? error help ...

BCE0017: The best overload for the method ‘ranDrop.ranSword(Object, Object, Object, Object)’ is not compatible with the argument list ‘(String, String, String)’.

Hi guys :slight_smile: I really need your help with this error. I’ve tried everything i could think of and i can’t really use sites for debugging since the code for making the random numbers is different in unity. I’m making a random item generator for my RPG. Here’s the code.

var frontAdjStr = ["Fabolous", "Awesome", "Rusty", "Old", "Shiny", "Brand New", "Patentet", "Golden", "Iron", "Copper", "Steel", "Diamond", "Ruby", "Emerald", "Saphire", "Rare", "Common", "Cheap", "Ugly", "Smelly", "Wooden", "Homemade", "Glass", "Rubber", "Paper", "Cardboard", "Goblin", "Orc", "Huge", "Small", "Tiny", "Big", "Dragon Slaying", "Monster Slaying", "Goblin Slaying", "Orc Slaying", "Troll Slaying", "Burning", "Ice", "Poisonous", "Daddys", "Legendary", "Hales Own"];
var wepTypeStr = ["Sword", "Axe", "Bow", "Mace", "Hammer", "Dagger", "Knife", "Longsword", "Shortsword", "Crossbow", "Spear", "Staff"];

var extraAdjStr = ["Absolutely Fabolousness", "Awesomeness"];

function ranSword(frontAdj, wepType, extraAdj1, extraAdj2) {
    print(frontAdj + " " + wepType + " Of " + extraAdj1 + " " + extraAdj2);

ranSword(frontAdjStr[(Mathf.Floor(Random.Range(0, 42)))], wepTypeStr[(Mathf.Floor(Random.Range(0, 10)))], extraAdjStr[(Mathf.Floor(Random.Range(0, 1)))]);

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Your function expects 4 parameters and you are only giving it 3.