Track and Field Style Player Speed Input

Hello Unity Gods, I am trying to make a game where your character moves faster (actually, the looping background images) based on the speed at which you alternately press buttons. The trick is that if you slow down or stop pressing the buttons, then the speed slows down to a stop. I have tried setting up my background images as rigidbodies and applying an impulse force and setting the rigidbodies to have mass and drag so they slow to a stop on their own. This works except that you can see a visible “seam” where the two background images appear to be hitting as they scroll. Can this be done without rigidbodies? I was thinking using an array that would store button input that would capture a rolling/moving average, but there has to be a built in method or class to do this. If the rigidbody idea seems better, are there any techniques on removing that visible seam?

You need the backgrounds to be pixel-perfect. There are a few ways to achieve this:

If you’re using a canvas object, there’s actually already a ‘pixel perfect’ option.

If you’re using quads, it tends to help to have just a little bit of overlap.

Alternately, you can have a fixed quad covering the entire background and, rather than moving it, just move the UVs.