Track recording

I’m working on a flight sim, and I’m wondering, is it possible in Unity to make track recorder ( like in IL-2 or Lock-On )? What I mean is that after playing, i can play a track of game session and be able to wach it form any camera in game?

I’m sure there are more professional ways, but the simplest way would be to simply create an array of your positions. Add your ships’ current position to the array ever second (or more often) and then to replay write a simple AI that will iterate through the array and fly towards the points.

Well, that will do the trick for just flying. I’m guessing that if combat is involved i’m out of luck?

Thank you, but taking screenshots is not what I have in mind. I need to switch cameras during track play. Also, I am aware that i would spend few months to implement these ( if it is posible ). Also, if anybody don’t know easy way, I’m fine with hard, just need a hint or pointer where to look.