Tracking cpu usage and memory for Web Player

Currently I am working on a game for the web player, a MMO so I would like to be able to track cpu usage and memory (free/used/etc…) and log it. I was trying to use PerformanceCounter as we use that on our server end for the same purposes but this class is not compatible with the Webplayer (per Unity Script Reference – Mono Compatibility).

So I want to know if there is an existing API which can help in capturing this information on the client side? (This would be process level information i would assume)


Okay, might have something you can use:

GUILayout.Label("Total Allocated: " + Profiler.GetTotalAllocatedMemory());
GUILayout.Label("Total Reserved: " + Profiler.GetTotalReservedMemory());
GUILayout.Label("Total Reserved Unused: " + Profiler.GetTotalUnusedReservedMemory());
GUILayout.Label("Mono Heap: " + Profiler.GetMonoHeapSize());
GUILayout.Label("Mono Used: " + Profiler.GetMonoUsedSize());

Looks like the first three works fine in Webplayer.