Tracking out-of-client events


Most of our game logic is running inside our game server (built on top of the Photon server, mostly a C# code base) and not in the Unity client on the player's machine. How can we track events for a user that happen inside the server game logic that the client does not need to know about? Is this currently doable via a hack and/or is this feature planned for a future release?

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Hi @fairydist ,

Currently we do not support Analytics for a server. If the server was made using Unity you could send events from the server, but it would skew your data as everything would be recorded as coming from a single player. This would also cause you trouble as we limit the amount of custom events sent from a single device to 100 every hour. One possible solution would be to have the server send the client just enough information required for sending the custom events.

If this is a feature you would like to see implemented you can add/vote for it here,

Thanks for the quick answer!

For now this means we'll have to use a different analytics solution and sadly can't go with Unity.

I've added a feature request here that you can vote for. if you have the same problem: