Tracking world position of content inside a ScrollRect component does not track 1 to 1 with inertia or edges of elastic ScrollRect

I have a RecTransform object whose position gets set by tracking the position of a RecTransform object within the content of a ScrollRect. The object in the ScrollRect effectively acts as an anchor point for the object outside the ScrollRect while it is on screen. When the anchor point is offscreen the object following the anchor point clamps to the top or bottom. Effectively this allows it to be part of my scroll which has content below and on top while not letting it exit the screen view. This works for the most part. The only issue is that when inertia moves the ScrollRect (the content moves at a decaying velocity after a swipe) my content does not follow the anchor 1 to 1, there is a very noticeable delay. This also happens when the movement type is set to elastic and we scroll further then the content permits causing it to rubberband back once the swipe is released.

I ecplained the clamping so it would be understood why i am trying to do this but the clamping is irrelavent to the problem. effectively the only code being run is:

m_ActualContentTransform.position = m_TransformAnchorInScrollRect.position;

Thankyou for your time

To achieve smoother and more accurate tracking, you can consider using Unity’s LateUpdate method, which is called after all Update methods have been processed. This way, you can ensure that your position setting code runs after the ScrollRect has finished its movement calculations.