Trail renderer continues when emitting is false

I have a trail renderer on a 3d object, when i use script to turn emit off and then move the object, the trail will still continue for that movement.

I am using this code to switch it off:

                trail.emitting = false;
                transform.position = pos;

e.g. starting at point A i switch off the emitter, move to point B and then on to point C. the trail will continue from A to B but not on to C.

You have to wait one frame after disabling and before enabling:

trailRenderer.emitting = false;
yield return new WaitForEndOfFrame();
transform.position = pos;
yield return new WaitForEndOfFrame();
trailRenderer.emitting = true;

What worked for me was:

float oldDist = trail.minVertexDistance;
trail.minVertexDistance = 1000000.0f;
transform.position = pos;
trail.minVertexDistance = oldDist;

I know this is more like a hack but could not get it to work with the answer from @efge