Transfer funds to pay invoices

I've made some money with Unity ads. I validated my tax status. But It's kinda hard for me to transfer money to a bank account (i live in belarus) i would prefer payoneer system.
Anyway first i would like to pay some Unity bills with this money (unity advanced seats for example). Will i be ably to pay for assets as well ?
I wanted to transfer money to pay Unity bills but i got error
'Your Organization does not have any valid previous payouts nor 60 days have passed since the oldest earning'
Do i really need to transfer to my bank account first ?

khatam hai tumhara...

Hi, sorry for not noticing this question earlier.

Kindly notice, currently Monetization ads revenue can not be transferred for paying other Unity services except Growth/User Acquisition:

If you don't use the Growth service, please add the payout profile for receiving the ads revenue payout to your bank account or Paypal: