Transfer information from arduino to unity with bluetooth HC06

Hello, I’m new in Unity. I have a HC-06 module. I need to transfer from Arduino some information of a sensor. Can you give me a code with an example to transfer information with bluetooth

As far as I know Unity does not support BT communication.
There is a third party .net library to do that but the base license was $200 last I checked.
I use a nano (with ble) and the uduino unity asset to have the arduino talk to unity.
In your case, find the arduino library for your BT and have it talk to unity (uduino via serial.println).
So basically you use the arduino as a link between unity and another BT device.
The uduino asset programmer is great and responsive if you run into trouble, but the asset is really simple to use.
(Edited to add some detail)

@TriaDev Thanks for your answer. So yo connect your ble to the Bluetooth from your computer/cellphone? And with uduino I can send the information by serial communication?
For you it was easy o I have to know a lot about unity to make this