Transfer variable to other scene for use

Hello. I’ve looked so far and I’ve been stuck at this for a couple hours now and I’ve become frustrated, so I’m hoping I can find answers here. I have two scenes, “Play” and “GameOver”. Within scene Play, there is a script named “UIManager” (attacked to a game object named UIManagerGame) that has a public integer variable named “Score”. This score is constantly increased until the game is over. What I want is for in the scene “GameOver”, a text UI named “FinalScore”'s text to be changed with the score from the UIManagerGame.

I have tried this so far: Within Play, a seperate script called “DontDestroyMe” is attached to UIManagerGame with the code “DontDestroyOnLoad (this);”. When I tested this, when the game is over and transfers to GameOver scene, UIManagerGame is kept. Next, after research, I wanted to make use of this UIManagerGame in “GameOver” and attempt (but fail) to access the variable Score located within and rename the text FinalScore with the Score variable. The code I’ve used:

// I have wrote using Unity.Engine.UI; at the top also

public GameObject GimmeScore; // this is a reference to the "FinalScore" text and was linked inside of Unity through inspector.

	// Use this for initialization
	void Start () {
		var scoreholder = GameObject.Find ("uiManagerGame"); // try to find the survived object from scene "Play"
		uiManager getScore = scoreholder.GetComponent<uiManager>; // ERROR HERE - try to find the uiManager script thing
		int weGotTheScore = getScore.score; // and then we have access to Score c:
		GimmeScore.GetComponentInChildren<Text> ().text = weGotTheScore; // change finalscore text to the score c:

but it all goes wrong as there’s an error: " Cannot convert method group ‘GetComponent’ to non-delegate type ‘uiManager’. Consider using parentheses to invoke the method". I have indicated in the code where the error occurs.

If you can’t fix my error, please atleast tell me an alternative strategy to go around doing what is described above. Any and all help appreciated.

uiManager getScore = scoreholder.GetComponent();

You need the open and close parenthesis at the end.