Transfer velocity from one object to another

I need to know how I can get the velocity from one object and copy it to another object with only the x and z axis.

void CopyVelocity(Rigidbody from, Rigidbody to)
Vector3 vFrom = from.velocity;
Vector3 vTo = to.velocity;

  // Move the values you want for each exis
  vTo.x = vFrom.x;
  // vTo.y = vFrom.y; // Leaving y-axis as is
  vTo.z = vFrom.z;

  to.velocity = vTo;

Just get the Rigidbody and then it’s velocity:

//The GameObject with the original velocity
public GameObject FirstOBJ;

//The second GameObject
public GameObject SecondOBJ;

SecondOBJ.GetComponent().AddForce(new Vector3(FirstOBJ.GetComponent().velocity.x, 0f, FirstOBJ.GetComponent().velocity.z));

It should work fine. If not, answer me in this post.