Transform constant moving in scene even if translated for

Hello Guys,

I’m facing a big problem which obviously I cannot solve it by my own.
I have a mesh gameObject with components like mesh, meshRenderer and a few materials.
The problem comes when I try to move it in Update function. Even if I move it for let say it Will still slightly move on x axis. I don’t know how this is possible but I gues I’m missing something.

So basically my code is:

private void Update()
transform.Translate( * Time.deltaTime);

Above sample code Will constantly slightly move by transform by x and z axis and I couldn’t realize why.

Thank you for help!!!

Igor is 0,0,0
If you want to move in some direction then you need to use Vector3.up or .foward.
I think because some translate from one relative to other might add some small value and so your object move little bit on x or z.