Transform.eulerAngles change


In v5.4, a rotation vector of the transform component set in the inspector to (0, 0, 500) it's 'eulerAngles' returns (0, 0, 140), where in v5.3 the exact same vector as seen in the inspector would be returned (0, 0, 500). This change can be helpfull sometimes, but not always and I think it's sneaky enough to break things without notice :). Can we somehow get the same vector shown in the inspector in v5.4 like it was done up until now?


In regards to editor time


In 5.3.4 when you set rotation in inspector to (0,0,500) after hit play the value will change to (0,0,140) so in script you will get eulerAngles (0,0,140). For me it's obvious.

Sorry. I had to mention I'm talking about editor time.