Transform.Find failing to find named child in clone

In my code I create a UI element which is a hierarchy of objects made into a prefab. I then instantiate at runtime. I then want to find child objects by name so that I can modify them in the script. When I call Transform.Find it fails to find the object. I wrote a function that builds a dictionary of the children by name, and that works. I don’t understand why the built in function is not working for me.

		GameObject clone = (GameObject)  Instantiate(levelFab);

//			Transform text = clone.transform.Find("LevelName");

			FindChildren(clone.transform, d);

	private void FindChildren(Transform transform, Dictionary<String, GameObject> d)
		foreach(Transform t in transform)
			d.Add(, t.gameObject);

			Debug.Log("adding " +;

			FindChildren(t, d);

Use transform.FindChild(“ChildName”);