transform.forward breaks when changing scenes

So I managed to get transform.forward to work, but when I build the game and change the scene to the needed one (takes about 3 scene changes) transform.forward starts working like Vector3.forward. In the editor, when starting the game on the needed scene everything is alright. Why is that so?

Edit: More details, as you ask. I have tried modifying a script in the built game using dnSpy some time before that used transform.forward to move the Player. When switching the scene from one to the another needed one transform.forward would also become broken. I don’t know any other possible details, besides listing every single object in the scene and every used script possible.

Turns out I have better luck talking to a wall than getting any possible answers, ideas or solutions. As always figuring everything by myself. Getting the transform.forward in LateUpdate() fixed the error for me, as I also additionally called LateUpdate() manually from Start() and Awake(). Thanks for some attention, at least, that’s rare…