Transform pivot is stuck in the same position, no matter what gameobject I select

After a while, my transform pivot is stuck in the same position, no matter what gameobject I select. I can use it on a mesh, the mesh transform is modified but the pivot position is still stuck.

How do I fix this?


this happens to me too on 2021.2.0f1 + no probuilder

switching between center / pivot mode, or local / global mode, doesn’t do anything

work around 1: restart unity editor (which is annoying)

work around 2: select the 6th transform tool (multi tool / transform tool)?.. for some reason, that seems to reset the transform gizmo or handle system for me and then I can switch back to move / rotate / scale and use them as usual again

Just tested. Entering play mode fixes this issue in 2021.1.28

Just had this same problem in 2020.3.27f1. Selecting the sixth tool from the left, fixed it.

Having the exact same issue. I went to the package manager and remove pro builder and re-installed it. That fixed my issues. Also closing down unity and bringing it back up fixed the issue. I’m guessing this is a bug with pro builder

Having this exact Issue in 2021.3 how is this still a thing? it’s a massive time loss in production. i won’t restart the editor for each object

Happening in 2021.1 too

Playing the scene fixed it for me (2019.4.11f1).
Don’t have pro builder.

Happens as well in 2020.3.26f (ik im using an old unity version cuz im not updating my project so everything can get corrupted >:( )

This keeps happening to me - Unity 2022.3.1f1
It’s super annoying as I’m trying to position a camera relative to a parent and the transform gizmo keeps getting stuck in one place. Just started happening today, haven’t noticed it prior. Don’t have pro builder. I will try playing the scene.

3 years and they still haven’t fixed this issue. Same problem on 2022.3.27f1.

Selecting the sixth transform tool fixes it temporarily though.