Transform (Position) Gizmo Does Not Align with Object Actor

PREFACE: Please be gracious with me as my familiarity with Unity is extremely limited. My most in-depth experience as a game maker is with Construct 3 and C3 uses terms that are more simplified for beginners or because those terms for Unity or Unreal do not readily apply within C3. So, I may know about a subject but in a different way. I’m not accustomed to Unity and its many details and features and terms. … I guess, talk to me like I’m a really smart 5-year-old…but still a 5-year-old. LOL

PROBLEM: I am taking a free sample course by Thomas Brush ( and in his course he has a small assortment of free assets provided by other Unity developers. One of those assets is a prefab, FirstPersonController.
Now, everything works just fine when I play a demo of the active scene with this prefab (hereafter, “Controller”).
The issue at hand is that the transform gizmo - the editor object that allows us to position, scale, and rotate the object actor selected - is set far and away from the actual Controller object (which is primarily a simple capsule object combined with a camera for the first-person perspective). I have to zoom out exceedingly far from the Controller in order to see the gizmo.

REQUEST: I’m hoping someone could help direct me as to how to realign the transform gizmo so that it is in the same exact position as the Controller as it appears in the scene. I don’t know where to even begin to look - and I’ve looked. Nothing stands out or makes sense to me towards that end. For the most part, everything else works and I’m continuing on with the tutorial I’m working through. So this isn’t hindering me. But it would be something I would be glad to know how to fix if something like this ever happens again. THANKS!

I had help from another source. For some reason the asset is originally put together with the gizmo set far apart from the actual parent object, itself, in terms of space. I was instructed to toggle the “Tool Handle Position” option to “pivot” and that set the gizmo dead-center of the asset - the “player capsule” object and the camera, both.