Transform position in animated model

Hello guys!

I have an issue with Unity when using an animated 3D model.

I have a characted holding a wrench, and I want to emit some particles from the tip of it. Because the model has been animated in 3Ds max, I asked my 3D graphist to add a bone on the tip of the wrench so I can use it as the starting point in Unity.

The problem is, even if the transform is displayed correctly in the Scene viewer when the model plays an animation, I’m unable to get the real position of the point.

Here are two screenshots:

As you may see, the transform position and rotation in the inspector are not affected by the animation’s movements (I know it’s relative so it should not), nor is affected the Debug.Log(transform.position) output in the console (see the output count), but the scene editor seems to follow the point well.

Do anybody have a solution for this problem?

Ok so there is the solution: the anchor point was not in the model’s bones hierarchy. So I moved it inside the correct bone and now it works!

Still wondering why unity displayed the correct position…