Transform position in between local and absolute?


Is there a simple way to get transform information somewhere in between local and absolute?
Absolute - position and rotation w.r.t world coords
Relative - position and rotation w.r.t parent coords

Desired - For a situation where you have World → gameObject → child → grandChild
position and rotation of grandChild w.r.t gameObject coords

Try doing it by script, not parenting. something simple that copy pos and rot, but letting you choose the transforms you’re copying from. In your case, gameObjects. I suppose there is a reason your making grandChild child of child (well, that’s akward) but the script will override that relation.

I came up with a simple solution and I think it might be the same as what you meant, Berenger. Given the same heirarchy as in the original (world → gameObject → child → grandChild), and a script attached to gameObject:

Transform child;
Transform grandChild;
Vector3 gcLocalPosition;

void setGCLocalPosition() {
    grandChild.parent = transform;
    gcLocalPosition = grandChild.localPosition;
    grandChild.parent = child;