transform.position = new Vector 3 NOT moving to correct position?

I’m moving my GameObject via transform.position using this line exactly:

transform.position = new Vector3 (-5.6f, -2.5f, 3f);

Before this line is called, the GameObject is at position (-5.56, -2.35, 3.16).

After I call this line of code, the GameObject is moved to:

Why is is not moving to where transform.position tell it to go? Any help appreciated!

Thanks MrSoad! I have found the problem after much confusion! I had created an “Empty” GameObject to put all my Models in for organization purposes. The Empty Gameobject I forgot to reset to 0,0,0, it had a random position like 2.45, 3.4, 0.54. Once I set the empty parent to 0,0,0 everything working as expected. Also fixing scale, working on Ludum Dare so going fast and cutting corners D: