transform position of an UI-image (Unity5)

I want to take the x- and y-position of an gameobject, to set the position of an image in realtime.
This is what I have so far:

      float posX;
        float posY;
        public Vector2[] symbPosition;
        getSymbolPos(int ID)
        void getSymbolPos(int ID)
            posX = symbPosition[ID].x;
            posY = symbPosition[ID].y;
        void Update()
     //here I take the x and y position of the gameobject that can be moved via reactivision-markers
            symbPosition = citygrid.Instance.posTUIO;
            for (int i = 0; i < symbPosition.Length; i++)
                if (GameObject.Find("Canvas/Image") != null)
//works so far. I get an  output and it changes as soon as I move the object)
                    Debug.Log("blub4: " + posX); 
                    GameObject.Find("Canvas/Image").transform.position = new Vector3(this.posX, 10, this.posY);

But the image doesn’t move with my gameobject.
I think, I can’t get access to the rectTransform with .transform.position …
How can I set these parameters for my image?
I appreciate any help!! Thank you in advance!

Have you tried using:


GetComponent().anchoredPosition is what you need.

gameObject.GetComponent().anchoredPosition = new Vector2(xPos, yPos);